Do you like chocolate sweets? There are few people who would answer no. Is it important for you to know if your favorite sweets are of high quality? In fact, it is not a secret that in order to improve the taste of confectionery products, many manufacturers often save on natural ingredients by replacing them with inexpensive but unhealthy additives. You wouldn’t want to eat such sweets, and giving them to your child would seem the worst idea ever. But are there any sweets in the world that are not only tasty, but also healthy? And if such a miracle exists, who knows where to find it? Now when your are here on our website, you definitely have found what you were looking for – high quality sweets from a well-known maker!

Welcome to the website of one of the Russia’s largest confectionery manufacturers – the Ozersky Souvenir Company. We produce a wide range

of sweets and other confectionery items, ensuring that among our products you will always find something to your taste. We offer a wide sweets range, from classic chocolate and boxed chocolate sweets to chocolate covered dried fruit and nuts. The main common feature of our products is high quality, since our factory produces only superior quality confectioneries. You can make sure of that by visiting any of our product pages. We do not hesitate to honestly indicate all ingredients we use for production. If you care about your health but don’t want to give up you favorite sweets, our products is just what you need.

Visit Our History page and read the detailed descriptions of high quality confectionery products we make. We are sure that after such an excursion you will go to Where To Buy section and will surely like our sweets as much as we do!


On the occasion of the annual Minstroy Chess Cup, Ozersky Souvenir solemnly presented...

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Ozersky Souvenir sent greetings to Kashira – one of the oldest cities of Moscow region – on the occasion of 660th foundation day...

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Every year on July 11, all those who like sweets celebrate the World Chocolate Day. This year, Ozersky Souvenir Confectionery Factory has invited the kids from Ozersk Children’s Rehabilitation Center for the celebration.

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